Nikole Nash - Time for slime

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2809   1 year ago
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2809   1 year ago
Nikole Nash is a girl with a deep throat who likes to give blowjobs.
Her favorite pose to be placed in while being spanked, she wants to show us that she knows a lot about porn.
Nikole Nash is here to show off her specialty: giving sloppy blowjobs. We had to set up a container to catch all the saliva and juices that start flowing once a cock enters her mouth. She does wonders when she's on her knees, and to reward her for all this hard work, Nikole gets exactly what she's looking for: a big load of cum down her throat!
She decides to invite her friend to her place and invites him to sit on a couch, she asks him to please let her see his cock that she wants to do something, he gets a little careless and in the blink of an eye, this girl already had all that big cock in her mouth, while she touches her pussy to warm up a bit.
Look how this bitch drools as she tries to take all that cock in her mouth. She has such a sweet tooth that she wants to get all the balls in her mouth, she wants cum and she's desperate to get it, look at that eager bitch look she puts on her face.
Nikole Nash is undoubtedly a true porn actress, she wants to show us everything she knows and she is certainly getting it. What good blowjobs this little slut gives. Look how she squirts cum all over her face.
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