Silvia Saige - Interracial bar crawl

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837   19 dias atras
Silva Saige, has always had a fetish for men of color.
As she knows that colored men are big member she wants to get one, who will tear her vagina apart.
She likes rough sex and to be abused while being penetrated. She always makes a bitch face every time she gets a good oral sex.
She is texting with her friend and tells him via chat to come to her room she is mature she knows what she wants and what she is craving for. She undresses in front of her window, decides to put on a red lingerie, looking at herself in the mirror to see how she looks. She is still waiting for that longed-for visit.
Suddenly there's a knock on the door and it's her colored friend, he's ready with his huge cock because he's going to tear her apart.
She tells him to sit on the couch because he's going to do something he's never done to her before, she takes out her breasts and exposes them while she gets a good oral sex.
She wants to get fucked so she decides to get on all fours while her friend shoves his cock all the way in. Look at her face and you can see that she enjoys it. As this bitch moans, she finally got to fulfill her fetish to be filled with cum all over her face. No doubt Silva Saige is a good porn actress.
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